Served on your choice of honey wheat or spinach with chips and a pickle.


$7.65  Generous portions of spring mix, sprouts, fresh avocado slices, tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, pepper jack cheese & sundried tomato spread carefully placed on a spinach wrap.

Ragun Cajun

$8.05  Sliced oven roasted chicken tossed in our cajun rub, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, dressed with ranch. Grilled.

Santa Cruz

$8.05  Sliced turkey, fresh avocado slices, tomatoes, sprouts & provolone cheese with sundried tomato spread in a spinach wrap.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

$8.05  Loads of oven roasted chicken covered in our buffalo sauce, dressed with ranch, topped with banana peppers & pepper jack cheese. Grilled.

Turkey Wrap

$8.05 Sliced turkey, fresh avocado slices, provolone cheese & honey mustard, dressed with lettuce & tomato on a whole wheat wrap.

Chicken Club

$8.05  Sliced oven roasted chicken, applewood smoke bacon, tomatoes, colby jack cheese & ranch dressing served to you in a whole wheat wrap.


$8.15 Spice up your appetite for this one! Sliced oven roasted chicken, our homemade salsa, pepperjack cheese, freshly sliced avocado, applewood smoked bacon dressed with our chipotle sauce. Grilled.